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Interviewer/Matt Edmondson:Um, finally I like to pride myself on having moderate mind reading skills.
James McAvoy:Okay.
Interviewer/Matt Edmondson:And I think I can work out the question that annoys you the most about this movie, alright? So I’ve got to read that, it’s my last question.
James McAvoy:Okay, got it.
Interviewer/Matt Edmondson:So the question is- generally, you know, people come in here and go ‘Oh you’re an X-Man’- the question, the…
James McAvoy:Eh, okay. ‘How many times did you have sex with Michael Fassbender?’
Interviewer/Matt Edmondson:That WAS the question-
James McAvoy:Was that the question?
Interviewer/Matt Edmondson:And what is the answer?
*James smiles*
James McAvoy:Four.
Interviewer/Matt Edmondson:Four times, four times. And how tender a lover is he?
*James makes a face*
James McAvoy:Define tender…
Interviewer/Matt Edmondson:Um I guess, uh, a bit of spooning afterwards?
*James shakes his head*
Interviewer/Matt Edmondson:Uh, some snuggles? A bit of *smooch noises* on the neck?
*James shakes his head again and looks really disappointed*
James McAvoy:I’m left to take care of myself afterwards.
Interviewer/Matt Edmondson:Really? Okay.
TOOKMEANHOUR. Went over and over it until I felt I got the words right. My self-deprecation says otherwise. Correct me if you find an error.

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